New Beginnings: Healthy Organic Food



Healthy, organic (wherever possible) meals, snacks and drinks are supplied throughout the day. All the milk we supply is organic. We have an on-site Nursery cook who prepares all of our meals fresh each day.

Our children enjoy breakfast, mid morning snack, a hot lunch, mid afternoon snack and afternoon tea. We work with parents to ensure that all of the children's dietary requirements are catered for.

We have been awarded our SMILE Plus award for promoting healthy eating and awareness.

We understand the importance of weaning babies and we create an introduction to different foods alongside our parents, therefore ensuring continuity with their home feeding routine.

Please see below some sample menus for lunch & tea:

Example Menu

Discreet Webcam Facility Discreet Webcam Facility

Parents can view their children at the nursery – enjoying their day.